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Make your home a reflection of you and your lifestyle.


It's the heart of our business, from renovations to new construction projects, our design team is skilled at taking care of all interior construction documentation and purchasing and installation of furnishings. Our talents lie in bringing together all aspects of design from millwork, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, wall surfaces, fireplace design, stair design, and furnishings to the napkin rings, all as a reflection of you and your lifestyle. With skills and offerings in complete design packages, 3D renderings, small-scale interior remodel permitting, and a wealth of product sources at our fingertips, our skilled team is disciplined and tailors to your project.

How we partner with clients to take on the challenges they face when designing a new home:


At RSI, we recommend products of value and at a fair market price.   We take our clients through the steps of understanding the difference in price, quality, and customer service around their design choices.  We are up front and transparent in our pricing.  Our mission is to ensure that our clients know and trust that we have their best interest in mind when it comes to their investment in their home.

The Design Experience

 Creating environments specific to our client’s style; transforming light, space, and proportions to update the look and feel

 Project vision and Management: from concept to completion- from the studs to the soap dish

 Holistic approach- connecting the interior and exterior by collaboration with project design team

 Identifying Colors and Surfaces- Feature walls and architectural elements to enhance the overall interior.

 White Glove coordination and customer service

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