Design Philosophy

Robyn is a modernist, seeing design as new exploration, creating something new from something old.  Her ideas and inspiration come from seeing and experiencing art, landscape, and architecture.  Robyn’s positive approach, and passion for the arts and that the emotive part of design is a direct result of our human experience, is what makes facing challenges fluid. 

Robyn is, first and foremost, focused on people and their experiences of a space; doing so by developing a client’s vision in connection with the interior and exterior elements.  I believe the key to a successful interior is collaboration.  Working with the client and design team, and with local artisans to craft distinct interior architectural elements and furniture designs gives our client’s uniquely inspired spaces.

Our mission is to provide a professional personalized service resulting in a design that brings joy to those daily experiences.  Robyn and her team pride themselves in combining sophistication with comfort and create in a variety of styles from rustic cabin to mountain contemporary. We urge our clients to think “outside the box”. We have the unique foresight to integrate the latest design trends yet always honor timeless elements. We believe that the design process should be fun, challenging, and inspiring for the entire design team.