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We will provide you with a custom proposal.


It's the heart of our business, from renovations to new construction projects, our design team is skilled at taking care of all interior construction documentation and purchasing and installation of furnishings. 


The importance of visioning the interior architecture and the way you move through the space whether a complete renovation, new construction, or a small project, we like to discuss early in the process.  Often we design from the inside out keeping in mind how you live in the space and bringing the interior and exterior together in a holistic way. 


Ideal for client’s ready to get started on their design project. A two- hour meeting with Robyn Scott including a complete in home or virtual walk-through of your home, a recommended “scope of work” and specific ideas to enhance your space: built-ins, wall finishes, floor materials, fireplaces, furniture layout, window treatments, color, art, lighting, and new construction and renovation planning.


For those that are looking to refresh a space, whether its quick style advice, paint color selection, making a decision on a design challenge, art location in your home, or a furniture layout change, we are here to help you through it.  We set up a design call where we virtually meet with you about your needs.  Having a professional opinion can be an invaluable way to move you forward and in motion with your project.


We develop a detailed furnishings plan, furniture budget and art schedule specific to the project. Collaboration with local artisans and workrooms to craft distinct furniture designs and one-of-a-kind pieces creates the unique look that our clients desire. We focus on creating seamless interiors where the architecture, lighting, furnishings, and art come together capturing the overall vision. 


We believe that art provides meaning, depth, and personal style to an interior.  We represent our clients and specify and purchase artworks on their behalf.  One of our primary objectives is to develop a clear understanding of our client's art needs and interests; and tie that to the interior design of their spaces in a meaningful way.


For clients who need help developing a plan for their home renovation project, we strategically create a vision for your project bringing interior and exterior together in a holistic way.


If you are looking to start in one area of your home, we provide interior design for your Kitchen and Bathrooms.  We believe the Kitchen is the “heart of your home” and that the functional design is equally as important as the “look and feel”.


Outdoor Living & Kitchen | Spa-Yoga Sanctuary | Media Room

Specialty spaces elevate the living experiences in your home. Applying our 3 step design process to the design of an individual space provides our clients with a detailed and realistic execution plan.  


We believe that your interior should have a “one-of-a-kind” piece that expresses your style.  We provide custom design ideas, the technical skills and the execution of any type of furniture whether it is a statement piece, a conversation piece, a collaborative piece, or a functional piece.  


Lighting design is one of the most important elements in creating a beautiful interior and we bring it into the design process as early as possible.  An often unintentionally over-looked element, we weave it into the process by offering our clients knowledge and expertise plus a team of specialists to execute the design.


Restaurant | Hotel | Lobby | Spa

Our approach and philosophy is that the interior environment should balance, enhance, and compliment the outside environment and should have a positive impact on the quality of life of the users.  This is at the forefront of our hospitality design process.


We offer a vision and create interior design in response to architecture, place, and the needs of the buyer. We provide a condensed design process specific to development projects from a marketing perspective.