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 Discovery phone call with Robyn Scott

 Initial Consultation - property walk through, build design team

 Share photos of your space, design ideas from Pinterest, Houzz or shelter publications and fill out our questionnaire

 Design agreement


The importance of visioning the interior architecture and the way you move through the space whether a complete renovation, new construction, or a small project, we like to discuss early in the process.


  • Keeping you as the lead of your project, advising and coaching you through the project
  • Advise on where the design details matter.
  • Analysis and integration of professional knowledge into the creative process recommending quality products from reliable sources.
  • Problem solving and collaborating with professional designer
  • Eliminate the overlap with the architect’s and builder’s scope of services to save time and money
  • Provide FaceTime and video notes to you and your team to keep decisions moving forward fluidly.

The Design Experience

 Creating environments specific to our client’s style; transforming light, space, and proportions to update the look and feel

 Project vision and Management: supporting you through the design process

 Holistic approach- connecting the interior and exterior by collaboration with project design team

 Identifying Colors and Surfaces- Feature walls and architectural elements to enhance the overall interior


At RSI, we recommend products of value and at a fair market price.   We take our clients through the steps of understanding the difference in price, quality, and customer service around their design choices.  We are up front and transparent in our pricing.  Our mission is to ensure that our clients know and trust that we have their best interest in mind when it comes to their investment in their home.

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