As we come out of the holidays and the twinkling lights are being packed up for next year, I realize how magical those lights really are.  In some ways, I wish we could keep the ambience of holiday lights all year long.  Here are a few photos of my holiday lights and ambient lighting within my home.  During these winter months, the warmth of the fire and the soft glow can create the perfect scene.

Why does lighting matter so much in a luxury interior? We believe that the best interiors become an environment. Whether it is an environment about a notable art collection or about the enhancement of architectural elements such as the interior finishes, like stone, wood, plaster and steel, we find that the way these elements are lit makes the biggest impact.

We highly recommend working with an acknowledged lighting designer to learn about the many unique ways to enhance your space. We have collaborated with 186 Lighting Group in Denver, CO on the projects shown below.

Below are examples of our design work showing ways that lighting can enhance a space in addition to the functional lighting:

  1. Try adding a directional light to wash an art wall, a stone wall or spotlight your coffee table. The dramatic change it will make to your space will be well worth it.
  2. Showcases artwork- dim light with art accents
  3. Create atmospheric lighting with both upper and lower cabinet lights.  Layer with pendants.

  4. Showcases architectural finishes- grazing a stone wall

  5. Create softness for a family dinner- spotlight the dining table with a perimeter of ambient light
  6. Create a romantic scene- dim light with soft accents

  7. Create an entertainment scene- fun, bright accents

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