International Contemporary Furniture Fair and Design Month in NY
I had an exhilarating week in New York immersed in the design industry and all that it has to offer. Coming from Aspen, there are the obvious contrasts that we feel when we travel from the Roaring Fork Valley to NYC such as the mass amounts of diverse people there compared to the smaller demographic of people here, the powerful and massive amount of buildings creating amazing skylines (I had a great view out my 51st floor in the Gehry Building in the Financial district) to the mountain vistas, from the haze and city smells to the clear fresh mountain air, the historical ornate, ornamental architecture to the simplified architecture and forms, and lastly the focus on designing small interior spaces with embellishment in contrast to designing simplified interiors that are connected to the views. 

design highlights from ny

  • Lighting at ICFF- an amazing amount of new light fixtures in the market displayed at the trade show at the Javets Center.
  • Kips Bay Designer Showhouse– the most elite designer showhouse in Manhattan exemplified unique custom design from internationally recognized interior design firms. Talking with the designers as I toured the space, understanding how and what was behind their creativity in transforming these apartment spaces.
  • New materials: plaster product for wet locations.

education and connection

  • Panel discussions with notable designers and architects: Rockwell Group, Baskervill, Seldorf Architects, and more. 
  • Discussions about Design Trends– a Multi-Perspective View of the Year Ahead- Design Trend Expert and Founder of Design Life Network. People are gravitating toward particular design styles and elements as we come out of the recession. 
  • Biggest takeaway from all discussions: Collaboration is the new path. It is no longer the “I” generation but rather the “we”. Believing that a collective brain is better for results. 
  • What is luxury? The answers are not what one would expect. Luxury is: experience beyond value, time, unexpected design elements, and access. 

top 5 take aways


  1. We are creators. We curate furnishing collections and create spaces as overall experiences. This we call luxury. 
  2. Collaboration with lighting designers, product designers, architects and all design team members brings overall awareness toward a shared goal. 
  3. Dedication to the design profession and to our projects is our basis. 
  4. Ability to turn design challenges into opportunities. Identify in a space, what to enhance and what to downplay. 
  5. Knowing that design is a direct response to the Client. It’s about the essence of the people living in the space in conjunction with the region of the project.

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