We’ve always prided ourselves on being able to combine sophistication with comfort and implement organic elements that relate to our beautiful outdoors within our designs. A part of what enables us to do that revolves around creating custom pieces that fit uniquely into every space. 

In our recent Old Snowmass Property (more to come from this property soon!) we had the opportunity to get creative with some custom-designed staples. 

For the console we decided to go for a cantilevered look with a combination of steel and walnut. The gray steel offsets the warmer barn wood, and set against the lighter floors, the piece pops. We used Aspen logs along the bottom to bring in a natural element. 

The dining room table mixed steel legs with a specialty bronze finish and a walnut top with chamfered edges. The legs are inspired by large screws/industrial parts, clustered together as a pedestal base. 
If you’re interested in finding more about how you can work with us to create your own custom designs, please reach out right here.


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