Mountain Home Design Then & Now

From dark wood accents and walls filled with hunting trophies to clean lines and bright, uncluttered interiors, mountain home interior design has evolved and come a long way.

While interior decor trends may come and go, the beauty and peacefulness of the mountainside will always remain constant and continue to fascinate. We are so grateful to work on projects surrounded by stunning views, fresh air, and enough flora and fauna to indulge all of your senses. 


Interestingly, the interior design aesthetic that has become popular over recent years has embraced taking everything we love about the outdoors and bringing it inside to our homes.


One way this is accomplished is by adopting the expansiveness that you experience on the mountainside into the interior architecture. Rooms are bigger and more open. In addition, larger windows, often floor to ceiling, bring in the natural light and those incredible views. The modern mountain home is bright, with a lot of European white oak wood, glass and steel accents. Televisions are hidden and recessed into the walls. 


Image #1 below is a stunning example of the expansiveness that we see today in modern mountain homes executed masterfully by Charles Cunniffee Architects. Located in Aspen, Colorado, their mission is to foster the creation of great design that enriches people’s lives which is clearly evident in the above picture. The building materials become part of the decor and there is more of an emphasis on neutral colors that allow the textures of the materials to make a strong statement.


In the past, you may have seen darker colors and an interior that appears to be more rustic. Images #2 + #3 below is a project in the West End of Aspen that we worked on in collaboration with Charles Cunniffee Architects that I worked on a long time ago. You’ll notice a different palette of colors.


In addition, images #4 + #5 below are examples of two types of modern rustic mountain home styles - new and traditional. The new modern rustic example is from our Woody Creek Cabin project. Traditional modern rustic photo provided by Charles Cunniffee Architects, Summit House in Aspen, CO.


Even though the style of the modern mountain home will continue to shift, we believe it’s essential to create personalized spaces in response to our client’s lifestyles with the goal of creating beautifully and comfortably designed homes with satisfied clients.

If you are thinking about starting a new project, or have any friends or family thinking about starting a new project, we truly appreciate your referral and consider it the highest of compliments. Feel free to reach out with any interior design challenges or needs you may have!


- Robyn



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