We are thrilled to be part of the team for the redesign of renowned architect Victor Lundy’s statement home, The Lundy House. 

Master architect, Victor Lundy, studied under the founder of the Bauhaus movement, Walter Gropius and he is revered as a leader for Modern Architecture in the mid-20th century.  His main goal was to offset every aspect of light and space in order to elevate architecture to an art form.

The local architects at the helm of the renovation are prominent and distinguished architectural trendsetters Chad Oppenheim and Derek Skalko. 

Chad Oppenheim’s goal is to design buildings to “Hide in plain sight”, creating spaces that mirror the natural beauty of the landscape without disturbing the delicate balance. 

Derek Skalko, is the principal of an award winning, thriving residential design firm with a reputation for being original, innovative and hands-on in the process, from concept to completion.

Robyn Scott Interiors has been selected to pair elegant furniture, beautiful materials and upscale art to illuminate this property and make it a luxurious expression of the architect’s artful and organic perspectives.

Below are some photos of Victor Lundy, the original home, and some conceptual renderings of the finished project.   Visit the Lundy House website for more information on the project: 


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