My design team and I are continuing to work at creating spaces that will be a part of our clients’ life long memories. Reflecting on this idea, I understand that choosing a designer is a big decision that needs to feel right. A homeowner is taking a “leap of faith”, trusting that we, the designers, understand your desires and how to bring the components together – things like color, texture, style and comfort. It is left in our hands to transform these spaces and create an atmosphere that will surround the homeowner, their families, friends and guests. The client is making a tremendous investment in us to execute their design visions.

A successful designer has certain qualities that allow her clients to make this “leap” with no hesitation. The Interior design profession is one third creative and artistic ability, one third organization and planning and one third intuition & analysis:

  • Having the ability to really listen and hear what the client is communicating
  • Looking ahead with your clients and addressing today’s ideas with the realities of the future
  • Making the design and planning process an understandable and rewarding process.

Balancing these facets helps my team and me bring our best practice to each project we embrace. This success is part of a great collaboration of designer and client—a marriage of ideas, concepts, dreams, and vision along with the respect for our expertise in getting the job done.


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