Choosing bed linens as can be tricky.  To help ensure the end result is  personalized and something our clients will love, we’ve come up with a checklist to make sure we deliver.  This can be a handy list to help you select your own bedding as well!

Bedding Checklist: 

  • Check your mattress dimensions and make sure they will work with all dimensions of the sheets.  Many vendors size their sheets differently, so you want to make sure you don’t wind up with sheets that pop off or hang loosely!
  • Fabric type/thread count: Check for percale, linen or sateen and the content.  A whole book could be written on this topic!  We’ve found Egyptian Cotton to be the Gold Standard.  And, as for the weave (Percale vs. Sateen), this depends on preference—percale is more crisp and cool, sateen is softer and warmer.   Finally, thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch.  Contrary to what most believe about high number thread counts, an extremely high thread count can be too delicate a weave and might not be a durable over time.  Our experience is that the softest, most durable bedding begins with 200-thread count. 
  • For blankets, comforters, coverlets, duvets sizing: check for the overall drop from the top of the mattress to the bottom of the box spring to make sure it will be covered.   Your choice of blanket should have dimensions that go the entire width of the bed and box spring.  
  • Blanket type: duvet/comforter/quilt, duvet cover, sleeping blanket, or coverlet.  This is a matter of personal preference and what looks best in your deign scheme.  The fill level if down—depends upon your preference for heating or cooling. 
  • Consider how many sets of sheets you’d like, say in case one does tear or as a replacement on laundry day!
  • Pillows: You need to consider the type of fill for pillows, the number of pillows and sizes (Euro, continental, throw, kidney, bolster), whether you’d like a pillow protector, and what type of shams or decorative pillows you’d like.  For the sleeping pillows, it’s really a matter of preference whether you like soft or firm and how many, don’t forget to include back-ups for guests! And for decorative pillows there are a wide variety of ready-made options or you can do custom and pick your fabric, size, shape and quantity for a real personalized feel. 
  • Mattress Pads: Look for fabrics that naturally inhibit mold and dust mites and pick something that will suit your desire for heating/cooling. 

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