Creating a relaxed and serene atmosphere mixed with a level of the unexpected was the goal of this project.  Redesigned for a family living in Boulder, Colorado, RSI Designs used grays, cognacs, and beiges throughout the home as a base, which allowed for whimsical wallcoverings, patterned tiles and a lively teal room to bring in a level of vibrancy.  Fusing organic materials mixed with pops of color, helped create an environment that is at once comfortable yet eclectic. 

“We all know intuitively that life is better when we live, work, or play in a functional and beautiful space.  Designers get to make that happen with innovation and implementation. It’s a privilege and a challenge – and for me, a true joy.” Robyn Scott


ON THE BOARDS: Sunnyside Lane Estate, ASPEN /// Meadowood Private Residence, ASPEN
Hayden Lodge, SNOWMASS BASE VILLAGE /// River Valley Ranch Private Residence, CARBONDALE


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