I see art and design coming together more frequently and earlier in on our projects.  Recent conversations and information through trade sources is pointing to the merging of the selection process of art and interior design.  Why?  Because people want something original.  I believe that because so much of interior design selections are accessible through on-line sources (i.e. furnishings, wall coverings, plumbing fixtures etc.), homeowners are feeling that what they are buying is not exclusive or unique to them.  It’s become a mass market.  However, an art piece makes an interior unique as an expression of the homeowner; and how it is put together within the design is key.

As a designer who coined the term ARTITEXTURE, I have always had an eye and interest in how art, interior textures, and architecture come together in a holistic way.  Connecting these elements and relating them to the environment in which they are placed and to the homeowner’s personality and lifestyle, is critical to a successful project.

Art and Space create atmosphere and a feeling inside us as human beings.  For me, when I tour an amazingly crafted home or a contemporary art museum or a sculpture garden, I feel inspired. My mind opens up, questions arise, passion for color and pattern emerge, and I take in the space and light around me.  It’s as if I’ve been opened up to a world of possibility where there are no closed doors and creativity floods in.  What an amazing way to feel!

We want our clients to feel great in their homes.  Whether they want that feeling of worlds of possibility, Zen calmness, unique and quirky, or in touch with nature, it is truly the harmony of the art and the design that delivers that.

Art and Design Communities are coming together at Art – Aspen July 26 to 29 at the Ice Garden.  We are a member of the host committee and we have selected our top 4 favorites of the SELECTS, so keep any eye out and come be inspired.


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