I have been working away on 2 very exciting projects. One interior is a very contemporary mountain home and the other is a traditional family style mountain home with modern accents. Both will become luxury homes just outside of the town of Aspen for friends and family to enjoy. My design team and I love creating these spaces that will create life long memories for our clients.

Below are some of our favorite Dining Chairs we have come across while in search for the perfect one for each of these homes. Right now you can find a fabulous chair for under $150 or splurge on a beautiful Italian made chair for over $1500 each. A Dining Table of 8 or more chairs becomes a big investment but we see this as a lifestyle investment where memories are made. The Dining Room is a place where we tell stories, enjoy lovely wine, and taste amazing food. I think that a comfortable chair that will last is worth every penny.


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